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10 Day Somatics & Ayurveda: Embodiment of Grace Retreat in Bali

February 22, 2024 @ 3:00 pm - March 2, 2024 @ 12:00 pm

10 Day Somatics & Ayurveda: Embodiment of Grace Retreat in Bali

February 22 – March 2, 2024


Join Tiffany & Jaya as they offer this profoundly transformative & deeply regenerative Somatics + Ayurveda Retreat in the awe-inspiring landscape of Bali.

The island location alone is potently healing, and we couple that with these 10 Days of diving into the experiential teachings and practices of Somatics, Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation to propel profound alchemy and healing.

This Retreat will provide you with the opportunity to delve into stored and habituated trauma and disease-patterning and to entirely transform your health for now and the future. Drawing from their combined 4 decades of work in these fields, with thousands of patients and clients, Tiffany & Jaya offer you these days of rich sadhana and embodied release + regulation, to really give way for multi-layer healing.

Let this Island of the Gods take you into her sacred embrace and feed you through the energy of the one million prayers offered to her each day amidst the 1,000 temples where they are offered. Allow your body to receive these beautiful blessings of Grace through embodied practice, learning, presence, nourishing food and beautiful community. We look forward to sharing an experiential, life~changing, and heartfelt 10 days with you!

The Island’s Temples will bless you, your ancestors will have the opportunity to connect with you through Balinese Ceremony and the ocean and waterfalls will cleanse and nourish you!



  • 7-7:30 am – Dinacharya
  • 7:30-8 am – Meditation
  • 8-9 am – Yoga
  • 9-10 am – Breakfast
  • 10-1 pm – Somatic and/or Ayurvedic Sessions
  • 1 pm – Lunch
  • 1:30-3 pm – Integration Time / Outings
  • 3-5 pm – Somatic and/or Ayurvedic Sessions
  • 6-7 pm – Dinner
  • 7-8 pm – Evening Practices or Outings



  • Feb 22nd: Visit Pura Tirta Sudamala for Water Purification at this Water Temple and Waterfall on the way to the Resort.
  • Feb 24th Full Moon: Visit Pemuteran Temple, also called “hot spring temple” with holy water from a source inside the temple and do a water blessing, where many Balinese come to pray on Full Moon.
  • Feb 26th: Visit West Bali National Park and watch the full moon rise as the sun sets from the top of Beratan Mountain.
  • Feb 28th Galungun, Beginning of 10~Day Ancestor Festival: Make traditional flower offerings for the Ancestors and bring them to the 15th Century Pulaki Melanting temple, which also gives blessings to healers and for people’s businesses.
  • Visit to a Balinese Waterfall and swim in her waters.
  • Possible hike/s to other nearby temples for sunrise.
  • Some afternoons and/or evenings off to enjoy snorkeling, diving and/or spa treatments at the Resort.



Somatic Work:

  • Discovering & Uncovering your Nervous System
  • The Vagus Nerve, and how trauma both affects this sacred space within us and it turn can be healed and regulated
  • How to work with memory and track thwarted fight, flight and freeze (FFF) responses through related body sensations
  • Discharging engrained trauma response and rewiring how stress lives in us somatically
  • Identifying and integrating intergenerational trauma and calling upon ancestral healing to enhance our aliveness & joy of Being
  • Accessing emotions through the body, reconnecting with our intuition, and getting comfortable with healthy boundary-setting
  • Using the wisdom of neuroplasticity to help us transform the hormones of stress-related habit patterns and behaviors
  • Reorient to living vital, free, easeful lives
  • Discovering somatic exercises that can aid to ground, regulate and calm the Nervous System
  • Enhancing your capacity for self-regulation and creation of new body memories for the life we long for
  • Employing trauma-healing as a portal to spirituality by waking up through the body, and living with embodied awareness
  • Healing session demos will take place with various individuals within the group that will illuminate the work and bring applicability
  • Somatic Workbook included


Vichara Yoga:

  • Asana: Discover the profound wisdom of the asana as sacred geometry and a gateway to remapping the body/mind/soul pathways
  • Bandhas & Mudras: Classical ‘locks’ and ‘seals’ that offer potent revelations
  • Pranayama: Experience daily extended practices of the classical pranayama techniques
  • Dharana: Concentration practices that amplify ones attention and clarity of mind
  • Dhyana: Daily Meditations at the beginning and end of each day
  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakras, Nadis, Gunas, Dhatus, Vayus and Koshas



  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Mahabhutas, Doshas, Prakruti and Vikruti
  • Understanding the Doshas (Constitutions) as well as Prakruti & Vikruti
  • Exploring the 3 Pillars: Diet, Sleep & Sex
  • Exploring the 3 Causes of Disease
  • Developing a Dinacharya (Daily Routine) & Rutucharya (Seasonal Routine)
  • AyurYoga: Applying Ayurvedic considerations to our Yoga Practice
  • Ayurvedic Cooking & Mindful Eating – Rasas, Viruddhi, etc.
  • Agni & Ama
  • Exploring the 3 Treatments for Health: Ahara, Vihara & Aushadhi


Special Evening Offerings:

  • Nidra Yoga: The Yoga of Sleep, Dreams and the Power of Deep Relaxation
  • Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sacred Sound, Rhythm & Mantra
  • Kriya Yoga: The Yoga of Purification of the physical, energetic and mental bodies
  • Kirtan: Sharing of devotional song, chanting and musical celebration



  • Single Occupancy: $2200 USD
  • Double Occupancy:  $2000 USD
  • Take $200 off! Earlybird until Dec. 31st, 2023

Feel free to send payment by Interac e~transfer to Jaya’s email or via Wise. If you would like a PayPal invoice, I can also forward it to you. If you prefer to send a deposit, cost is $1,000 CAD or USD.


All Included:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Outings
  • 1 Traditional Balinese Massage
  • 1 Snorkel Rental
  • Most Transportation

Pick up in Ubud at 9:30am on Thursday, February 22nd and drop~off in Ubud on Saturday, March 2nd around 3pm ~ Staying at a Resort in the Northwest in Pemuteran on the Ocean (3 hours drive).



Flights into Denpasar Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and then take a 1-1.5 hour taxi ($30 USD or $40 CAD) to Ubud. We will pick people up from there and return them there.

You will also need a visa. The 30 day B213 Tourist Visa (Approx $35 USD and $50 CAD) should work well. Please consult with Jaya directly before purchasing.


– CE credits are available for Yoga Teachers and Ayurvedic Practitioners




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February 22, 2024 @ 3:00 pm
March 2, 2024 @ 12:00 pm
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