rest into the naturalness of being


“Meditation is not a thing to be done, but it is your very birthright. It is the natural abiding presence and the joyful radiance of a heart settled into itself.”

~ Tiffany


Please enjoy some free-to-you offerings of guided meditations that have been recorded at past retreats and events. Tiffany speaks in the opening and closing to the silent meditation. Use these guided practices as an aid in the comfort of your own home.

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Atma Vichara

Self-Inquiry Meditation

Atma Vichara Meditation focuses upon accessing our real and essential nature, our True Self. Through direct self inquiry, an environment for self‐knowing and revelation becomes naturally emergent. Tiffany guides meditation in such a way that fosters deep, intimate connection to ones own inner landscape and allows each individual to find their genuine love and joy for Self and Stillness.

The Silent Retreats and Meditation Immersions offered by Tiffany provide you with an opportunity to know the depths of your Self, to allow for powerful self‐reflection and to give rise to the profound blossoming of the Heart and Truth. Participants are guided and inspired to live meditation and to bring it as an integration into their daily lives, in turn enabling each of us to dive deeper into the truth that is ever‐present and limitless.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary to attend an upcoming retreat, immersion or to participate in the online program.



Stepping into Silence

1-Day Silent Meditation Day

February 19, 2023

The Vichara Yoga Shala – Wakefield, Quebec, Canada


Some of our guests from the last silent retreat share their experience.

Tiffany has spent most of her adult life immersed in extensive periods of personal and guided silent retreats with her beloved Advaita teachers: Mooji, Sahajananda & Adyashanti. Having retreated for many years with these great masters, as well as spending extended periods of time in solitude retreats, Tiffany offers meditation not as a thing to be done, but as a remembrance of ones truest being. Due to her own profound experiences and the inspiration and insights gained through these periods, she lovingly transmit and shares this wisdom which reveals the naturalness of being. Whether it is through the offerings of silent retreats, satsang, immersions or one-on-one sessions, she shares meditations arising from the Buddhist tradition, Advaita Vedanta, Classical Yoga and her own revelatory sight.

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