An International Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner (Doctor), and a Lover of Life, Tiffany shares the gifts of Meditation, Yoga & Ayurveda globally. Tiffany grew up in the quiet and solitude of the Canadian countryside. Life quickly directed her to journey to India and Thailand in her early 20s, where she lived for many years. Over the last 2 decades she has had the opportunity to study and submerge herself in ongoing teachings and extensive retreats with her teachers, immersing herself deeply into Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda.

Very early on, she came across the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi and made her way to Tiruvannamalai and the Arunachala mountain in South India. While there, she encountered depths of inner seeing that brought clarity and inspiration and continued to propel her insatiability for the recognition of Truth. From that moment she became a lover of Advaita Vedanta (Non-Duality) and has spent most of her adult life in extensive periods of meditation and silent retreats with her own beloved teachers. Having sat for many years with these great masters, and due to her own profound inspirations and insights gained over this time, she lovingly transmits and shares this wisdom, which reveals the naturalness of Being.

Tiffany is most known for bringing her clarity of sight and commitment towards revealing truth into each of her seamless offerings. The inspired teachings that pour through her are a direct expression of her visibly open heart, coupled with a depth of presence. Students appreciate her art of drawing upon the wisdom of these approaches to offer their truths in ways that are are highly applicable, direct and authentic, and provoke profound self-seeing.

Today, Tiffany is the founder of Vichara Yoga, a very unique offering of Classical Yoga that combines the fullness of the Hatha Yoga Path along with deep Inquiry & Meditative presence. She has also founded Rasa Ayurveda, a School, Clinical Practice & Apothecary sharing the authentic, healing wisdom of Ayurveda.

At present, Tiffany lives in the forested hills of Quebec, where she teaches at her Vichara Yoga Shala and offers Ayurvedic consultations in her cozy clinic. She also travels worldwide offering Retreats, Trainings and Immersions/YTTs, as well as Ayurvedic Consultations and Private Sessions through her mobile clinical practice in which she sees people in-person and online. 

She bows in humble gratitude to all of the beings who have influenced and inspired her path, and who continue to live on through these sharings of the Heart…