JULY 5th!!! 1 month until moving day!!!

So many of you have asked me so many questions that truly, only Life can answer, but here are a few details:

* This home was guided to me. Truly.
It was first owned and lovingly infused by two dear friends I met years ago in yoga kula. Their beautiful energy still remains.

* It is in beautiful Wakefield, Quebec.

* Situated on just under 2 acres of Canadian Sheild.

* Yes, it will be the new home of RASA Ayurveda & hopefully my clinic.

* Yes, it will be the new home of Vichara Yoga and my online offerings such as the Sadhana Membership.

* Maybe one day it will welcome private retreatants and Panchakarma programs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For now I will allow there to be a time of quiet self-settlement, of deep intimacy with this land and a time of intentional arrival, so that I can hear what is being asked of me in this new space.

I am happy and gently excited. There is a very quiet joy and a sense of simplicity and calm. It’s as though the house is already a blessing and a guru.

Whatever the current of life decides, I truly pray that this be a place that offers great healing and a deep sense of restful presence for any who visit. Beyond that, we’ll see what emerges! 🌲🪵🦌⛰

Thank you to everyone for all of the well wishes + blessings!!! 🤍🙏🏻

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